Next Generation Condoms

Just when you're getting in the mood, it's time for that one (important) moment: the condom. Sigh.

Make that annoying interruption smooth. And get back to enjoying yourself instantly.

Wingman is your wingman. Almost no interruption, safer use, better feeling, and thus more fun. Now you'll understand why we call them Next Generation Condoms.

Try it yourself. You'll never want anything else.

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Simple and Smooth

No hassle. Ready in 3 simple steps.

Grab the condom by the clip, with the logo facing up.

Roll it down calmly and smoothly.

Twist the clip away and enjoy!

How to with one hand

How to with two hands

  • Smoother is safer

    The special clip allows you to put your condom on quickly and easily. Wearing it the wrong way is a thing of the past. Added bonus: not getting lubricant onto your hands. Isn't that smooth?

  • Always airtight

    No more fiddling with the teat. With the special clip, that’ll go automatically. And yet it's airtight and safe. Almost like magic.

  • Extra thin

    Because of the clip, our condom can be much thinner. And a thinner condom gives a nicer feeling. You get that.

Dutch invention, fans worldwide.

Our next-generation condom is a Dutch invention, but that doesn't mean Wingman is only used in the Netherlands. Wingman has fans all over the world. We even won a Golden iF Design Award for our Wingman - the Oscar among design prizes. Read below what our users think of Wingman.

Wingman: no-brainer

It's actually very simple: if you use condoms, you must have them. No more hassle putting this thing on.Wingman can literally be put on in two seconds, with one hand. So never again an annoying interruption of the pleasant things you were doing. Never anything else for me again.

- Joost N. - 19/02/24

Best condoms ever!

The ease of use and thickness (more feeling than with other brands) distinguish this brand. Never anything else for me again!

- Ton H. - 06/12/22

Delivers on promise

My experience with the Wingman is clearly good. The comfort, convenience and safety are top notch. My shame about using condoms is now gone. Thank you

- Lauren H. - 17/08/23

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'Finally, innovation in the condom field: after some practice, you can put on the Wingman with one hand. A breath of fresh air!'

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